A simple, low cost modification of the Hotas Cougar
Here you will find a description of the
way I builded my throttle arm.
The most beautiful thing is:'you don't
have to cut into your  Cougar throttle'.
The other nise part is that everybody
can make it . Following the description
you will find it is an easy way to pimp
your throttle the right way.
And it will cost almost nothing!
Click on the thumbnail to receive the PDF
How to make cheap panels for the F16 block 52
A description of the way I created my panels.
A cheap solution to make your own panels.

How to use a TFT for the centre console
A description of how to use one single
TFT and make five instruments work.
Thanks to the work of Erwin 'Eagle Eye' Neyt, who made these sexy solutions possible.

The making of the ICP
The way I builded my ICP.
The auxcomm channel selector knob
A description of how to rebuild a switch
so it is simple and easy to use in the
Aux Comm panel.

The cautionpanel of the block 52
A PDF describing the way I build
my Caution Panel for the F16
block 52.

Using a small lcd for the HSI
A PDF describing the way I stripped a car TFT set, to give it a better life ;-).
The indexer lights of the F16
A PDF describing the way I builded
my indexerlights of  the F16.
Backlight for the panels
An easy, cheap and flexible way to put some backlight
behind the panels, the way I made them.

Bass shacker for the ejection seat
A description of how to add one or two
shackers to the ejction seat.
Over 61 pages  and  179 detailed photos!!
Dimebug drawings of indexerlights
Drawings of the Indexerlights by Dimebug
How to modify existing warninglights into the eyebrow lights of the F-16.
How to modify a servo, so it will rotate
360 degrees.